• Ranch Doggie
  • Antique Cars

    Granddaddy and Auntie Judi enjoy the car show at Oriental, NC. Nothing makes me want to pee more than new tire smell! Okay, maybe a fire hydrant.

    Second note to self: Helping someone remove new tire smell not a good idea. I also learned that some people LIKE old things so maybe that means as doggies get older, like Annie, there are people who love us even more. I hope so.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Is Annie a Dance?

    The annual Emerald Isle NC Beach Music Festival drew thousands again this year. Fried seafood. NC barbecue. And SHAGGING in the sand!

    Mommy gone three days to a Beach Music Festival. She was shagging. Or is that shaggy? She says Annie is shaggy. So were dogs like Annie there? And Mommy sat the lifeguard stand for the early shift. What’s a lifeguard stand? I’m confused, but she is home. All that matters.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • 92 degrees a Record!

    Liebe and Skipper investigate the snoozing spot of deer they surprised lounging on the lawn.

    Hot! Guarding the fence broken by a giant limb. Wind named Maria gone. Granddaddy off buying another 50 pounds of ant killer. Get those stingy monsters! Horses and llamas in barn enjoying nappy-time cool air. Shared Mommy’s turkey and pastrami sandwich for lunch. Good being a ranch doggie!

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Maria now a Tropical Storm

    Seagulls relocate to Stoney Creek Ranch in New Bern, NC.

    The wind is angry. Limbs falling and breaking the fence. Doggie door keeping me busy checking the flapping. Mommy calls the wind Maria. I guess wind has a name. The beach birds are in my pasture, but I’m leaving them alone. They look frightened in the tall grasses.      

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Even Annie?!

    Annie refuses her food in protest of a home bath so Skipper kindly helps her with it.

    Note to self: never ever ever lie in wet dirt. Annie came inside black with dirt covering her side and two legs. Mommy dragged Annie straight to the doggie shower. Wow was she surprised! She usually only gets clean with bubble smell when she leaves in the car. Bet she doesn’t visit THAT spot again […]

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Sneeze Makers Fall from Ceiling!

    Mommy pulled sneeze-makers named Filters from the walls and ceilings and put clean ones in there. Must be some kind of giant flat bird. Didn't get close enough to tell after my sneezey fit but GOSH they live all over the house!

    Mommy bathing everything in sight! Opened cages on the ceilings and walls and big sneeze-makers escaped. One flew right towards me, but I was too fast for it. She put clean ones in the cages. I didn’t even know there were things living in there. Bit concerning.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Love-Hate Relationship

    Checked the kitty. Nope. No bubble smell. No fair!

    Mommy tricked us. Skipper and I just suffered through baths on the same day! We were both good doggies so we had hotdogs afterwards. Love that part. Hate the sudsy part. Love the warm water. Hate the bubble smell. Love the massage and towel dry. Hate hate hate the kitties get bathed LESS often!