• Ranch Doggie
  • Cookout is a Yummy Word!

    Mommy and Granddaddy enjoy friends and a COOKOUT! He has to wear a giant doggie harness thing. Mommy says he is recovering from back surgery. Sounds ouchy!

    Annie was right! If Mommy says “cookout,” run for the house. Steak and steak fat and steak–too happy to keep writing. And Granddaddy doing very well after his stay at the home of the people doctors.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Bump in the Night

    Closet rack breaks and dumps Mommy's clothes in the floor in the middle of the night. Glad I don't have access or I would surely be under suspicion!

    Not allowed in Mommy’s closet–EVER–even though the #!#* cat gets in under the door. Last night I was awakened from bunny chasing by a LOUD crack-crackle-thump. Mommy sternly told me to stop barking at the closet. This morning she was sorry.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Llamas Llamas Everywhere!

    Hey Liebe, how about helping us get in the horse barn.

    After seven hours at a Super Bowl party, Mommy slept late this morning. Someone I didn’t see fed the horses and llamas, leaving open the llama gate! Llamas all over the horse pasture, at the horse barn, necks through the fence by the house. Mommy seems a teensy grouchy.