• Ranch Doggie
  • TWO YEARS OLD !!!!

    Would you believe the cat took it? No? How about Skipper? Would you believe I was taking it to you?

    It’s my birthday and I’ll chase llamas if I want to, aggravate Skipper if I want to, drag around Mommy’s slipper if I want to–okay maybe not that, . . . you would chase llamas if you could, too 🙂 I’m TWWWOOOOOOO!

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Vet? Visiting!

    VA Tech vet student Carli plays with Liebe and Skipper BEFORE they hear she is a VET!

    Okay. I’m confused. Mommy told Granddaddy that a vet “student” is staying here while she works with the horsie vets. We have all been VERY good. No need to have vets hanging around here. She seems nice, but how is that possible?