• Ranch Doggie
  • Horse Hanging from the Door!

    Friends Chris and Judi and Audrey made this wreath for us for Xmas. Chris welded the frame and Judi and her mom, Audrey. decorated it. Complete with six settings for lights!

    Horses are always in the barn and pasture where they belong. The house is my territory. Now one is hanging on the door! Thanks Auntie Judi and Uncle Chris. Mommy loves it so I am stuck with another horse!

  • Ranch Doggie
  • The Sky is Black with Birds

    A few of the thousands of birds stop for a quick rest.

    Hundreds of thousands of birds filling the sky and our giant hardwoods. Far as I can see from every direction. Arriving in screeching tidal waves, resting here, then sounding like blowing wind as they take to wing. I ran back in the house and told Mommy!

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Day Three in the Barn

    Temp is up to 18 degrees F. Wanna go out? "No thanks, Mommy. Just fine right here!"

    Sedona and Wingman laid back, very good boys in the barn. Ears flatten every time the stalls are cleaned. Afraid they are being put out in the icy pasture. Cozy temp and overstuffed shavings in stalls!

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Horsie Dentist Time

    Mommy said "cookie" to get Wingman to wake up enough to move. How could he sleep through the dentist? Dr. Rebecca White and her assistant, Stephanie, of Eastern Equine Associates Mobile Veterinary Services give the horses annual dental work.

    Wingman slept right through his dental work. Not me!