• Ranch Doggie
  • Winter Wonderland is Fun BUT . . .

    We wear our coats outside and are HAPPY about it. At first we didn't want them so Mommy let us out for five minutes coat-free. NOPE! Not a good idea. Now we stand VERY still for our warm blankies!

    Snow is fun for about twenty minutes! First time I played in snow. Tunneling and chomping snow balls and tackling my doggie friends in the drifts GREAT FUN but my paws get cold very quickly and Mommy makes us go in the house.

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Even the LLamas Were Too Cold!

    After surviving a six inch snow with three foot drifts and near zero temps, the llamas started showing signs of hypothermia even though they were huddled together in their enclosed run-in shed. They gladly followed Mommy on a ten acre trek through the snow to the warm horse barn.

    Mommy found the llamas shivering in their unheated barn, so she moved them to the heated horse barn which was 40 degrees F. They were soooo happy. Ate and drank a gallon of water each and slept like puppies!

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  • Broken Shoulder, Broken Heart

    Snow White often chatted with Liebe.

    I think we lost Snow White today. The vet took a picture and said my llama friend’s shoulder was broken. After talking into a box, the vet told Mommy there was nothing they could do. Mommy has been crying all afternoon. Snow White looks like she is asleep, but she is covered with a blanket […]

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  • Loud Water

    Liebe's favorite diggy spot with noisy water.

    Mommy took us to a giant sand pile place with noisy water. Skipper and I followed her to the water, but she backed up when it ran towards us so we decided we better stay clear. It smelled like the salt she puts on the horsie food sometimes. Digging was fun. Maybe the water will […]

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  • Thanks Eating

    Baked apples smell SO yummy and are too mushy, sugary good! Puppies only got a spoonful. I'll be extra good and maybe get more next time!

    We had something I think is called “thanks eating” because all of us ate and ate super yummies. Then Mommy started placing pretty greenery and shiny things all over the house. I chewed one that fell off the tree, but was told that is no-no like the puddle, so now I just stare at them. […]

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  • Elevators and Trees

    We needed a long walk after the box captured us.

    Captured by the box that takes us up and down. Mommy can push open door, but this time there was only a wall outside the door. Never smelled Mommy scared. Skipper and I panicked but she talked softly. After a looooooong time, she talked to a stranger named 911 through the wall. All the sudden, […]

  • Ranch Doggie
  • Halloween

    Mommy says she did the scariest thing today–went to the dentist. I think that is like the vet: rarely hurts but you spend the entire time worrying that it will! Anyway, played with Skipper and chased a deer along the fence and play-chased the horses. Ghosts or not, I’m napping.